integrating technology into your mission operations

Technology Integration & Deployment Services provides technology integration and deployment services for organizations interested in integrating robotics, IoT, and edge technology into public service operations. Through our Technology Integration Management services, we help your team plan, select, develop, and integrate solutions for the size of your operations and mission. We support your team until things are running smoothly.


Technology Integration Management

We work with your team to develop and execute plans to select, design, build, and then integrate new technology into your operations to support your mission. We lead the planning. We orchestrate the development process. We manage deployment and operational integration.





At, we specialize in integrating technology into your mission operations, from planning through adoption.

We lead the planning.

Our team collaborates closely with yours to develop operational strategies, technical plans, and solution requirements tailored to your unique needs. Here's how we can assist you to plan for and select technical solutions:

  • Future Plans: We work with your team to envision the integration of mission-centric robotic and IoT solutions into your operations.
  • Solution Evaluation and Selection: Working with technical and domain experts, we assist in identifying and evaluating the most suitable solutions that meet your specific requirements.
  • Platform & AI Integration Strategy: Our team develops strategies and technical plans for integrating robotic platforms, IoT, and artificial intelligence capabilities into your existing and planned technical ecosystem.
  • Use Cases & Requirements Definition: We work with your team to define use cases and requirements for robotic platforms and IoT solutions (including configurations, sensors, navigation, automation, control, software, and AI). We define architectures and specifications needed for new solutions to integrate, interface, and be compatible with the ecosystem.
  • Current Plans: Operational Integration: We collaborate with your team to develop detailed plans for the integration of mobile, robotic, and IoT solutions into your operational workflows and field operations.
We orchestrate the development process.

We collaborate with software, hardware, and robotic vendors to design, engineer, fabricate, develop, and test solutions that align with plans and meet requirements. Our approach ensures that every aspect of the integration process is carefully managed, from design, through development, and into deployment. We collaborate closely with your team to:

  • Project Management: We provide comprehensive project management support, overseeing the entire lifecycle from concept through deployment.
  • Design, Engineering, and Development: Working alongside software, hardware, and robotic vendors, we provide support to ensure vendors and team members design, engineer, and develop solutions within the defined schedule, requirements, and specifications.
  • Development and Testing: Our experts support the development and testing phases, ensuring that solutions meet performance standards.
We manage deployment and operational integration.

Our deployment and operational integration services focus on scaling robotic, IoT, and edge technology solutions within your operations, while managing process and operational changes effectively. Here's how we can support your organization:

  • Scalable Deployment Planning and Execution: We specialize in developing deployment plans, and then supporting your team in implementing robotic, IoT, and edge solutions into your organization at the enterprise, regional, or local level. We ensure deployment approaches address workflows and operations with minimal disruption to the mission.
  • Process and Operational Change Management: Our team manages process and operational changes, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition to the new technology.
  • End-User Support: We provide comprehensive support to end-users, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to utilize the new technology effectively.

Let's start the journey together to integrate robotic and advanced technology into your operations. Schedule a discovery call today to get started.