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FusionBlue.tech is your trusted partner to select and deploy robotic and advanced technologies to reach your goals.

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Welcome to fusionblue.tech

FusionBlue.tech is a provider of technology integration and deployment services, dedicated to helping federal agencies and public service organizations leverage the latest advancements in robotics, IoT, and edge technology to achieve their mission objectives. With a team of experienced professionals and a proven track record of success, we are committed to delivering solutions that drive better public service, operational excellence, and mission success.


Improve Public Service operations with edge technologies and solutions

We believe robotic solutions and edge technology are disruptive forces, shaping the American economy and transforming public service delivery. Our goal is to assist organizations in identifying potential applications and collaboratively integrating these solutions at scale. Whether autonomous, mobile, or remotely controlled, these technologies will fundamentally alter mission delivery. Let's help your team get started! 





TEchnology Deployment and integration

We provide full technology lifecycle services

With our team of experts and technology partners, your organization can integrate robotic and advanced technology solutions alongside your human workforce. We offer consulting and implementation services tailored to public service-oriented organizations, guiding them through the adoption of advanced technologies such as Robotics, IoT, Connected Health, and AI.

From discovery through integration, we help identify, integrate, and operationalize solutions that align with your organization and its public service operations. 

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Accelerate public service Impact

Work with FusionBlue.tech

We work with you to explore how robotic solutions and edge technology can boost your organization's productivity, operational safety, and mission delivery.

We'll support your team to evaluate, build/acquire, and integrate robotics and advanced tech into your operations.

We collaborate with your team on ways to integrate robotic solutions and advanced tech into your operations.

Our team collaborates and partners with leading technology suppliers, researchers, and industry experts, ensuring that we can provide you with the best recommendations and solutions.

Pilot Program

Robots for Cleaner Communities

FusionBlue.tech is proud to pilot "Robots for Cleaner Communities." We aim to put robots to work picking up trash littered along our streets, parks, and communities.